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The outstanding beauty that makes Venice one of the most famous cities in the world has obscured its equally exceptional pedestrian nature. In this sense and for centuries, Venice has been a remarkable workshop allowing to experience a car-free urban life.

The section Traverse of the Museo del Camminare aims to investigate and communicate what living in a pedestrian city means in terms of daily practices and quality of life.


The discovery of the sense of Venice by the attempt to relive the visual and non-visual experience of someone who has established an emotional relationship with that place. Visual artists, writers, and musicians guide us through the city.


The project is aimed at migrants and refugees, to whom volunteers who live in Venice offer free help to walk around the city and learn about its history and beauty.

The initiative is a constructive response to the wild commercialisation of hospitality that has characterised Venice for decades, one of the most touristic cities in the world. It stems from the idea of Venice as a common good and heritage of humanity and aims to make the city easier for people who have just arrived in Italy, do not speak the language and can not afford the cost of tourist services.

The service is available in English, French and Portuguese, and is provided on the basis of volunteers' time availability

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